Two Articles about the UofT Scientific Instruments Collection

November 9, 2023 by Dr. Pamela Fuentes Peralta

We are excited to share two articles that have recently been published in the University of Toronto Magazine. They provide a glimpse into the UTSIC, a collection of scientific artifacts that have been instrumental in advancing scientific discoveries.

The first article, titled "Ode to Ingenuity," takes a closer look at the University of Toronto Scientific Instruments Collection, and uncovers the stories behind some of its most significant acquisitions. Through interviews with UTSIC curator Erich Weidenhammer and assistant curator Victoria Fisher —both IHPST alumni— the article sheds light on the importance of these artifacts and their impact on the scientific community. The article is accompanied by images from the collection, beautifully captured by photographer Kailee Mandel.

The second article, "The Einstein Camera," recounts the fascinating story of a U of T astronomer who led an expedition to remote Australia a century ago to prove the Theory of General Relativity. The article also features Victoria Fisher, who provides her insights into the significance of the so-called Einstein camera, designed by C.R. Young, a U of T engineering professor, and largely constructed in Toronto. This equipment was crucial to the success of the expedition, as it was intended to record light from faint stars near the eclipsed sun. The article is co-authored by Fisher and Dan Falk, a science journalist and IHPST alum.