HPS Undergraduate Society

HPSUS is the official student union representing all students enrolled in HPS programs or courses at U of T. Anyone enrolled in even one HPS or STS course is automatically a member. The Society hosts academic and social events throughout the year, communicate student needs to the HPS department (IHPST) and the Arts and Science Student Union (ASSU), and generally serve as HPS students’ representatives at the university. In the past, they have hosted academic panels on the philosophy of quantum mechanics, climate change, and scientific change, as well as social events such as pub nights, board game nights, and movie nights.

HPSUS executive members make important contributions to undergraduate student life, such as:

  • The representation of and advocacy for undergraduate student interests at the IHPST and wider U of T administration;
  • Represent the HPS undergraduate community at ASSU;
  • Organization of at least bi-annual academic events relating to topics in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology;
  • Organization of undergraduate student social events;
  • Assist with organization and funding matters of the HPS Undergraduate Journal, Almagest.

For more information on future academic and social events, or to get involved with the society, visit the official HPSUS website.