Program Requirements

Degree Programs and Requirements     

The MA Degree

The MA degree at IHPST is a course-based, one-year degree that can be completed over a two-term session (i.e., September to April). All MA students are assigned a Faculty Advisor and a Graduate Student Mentor on admission.

Program Requirements:

Six (.5 FCE) course equivalents/3 half courses per term. A student’s curriculum is arranged in consultation with the IHPST faculty advisor assigned to the student and the graduate office.

One course must be the HPS1000H Proseminar: Introduction to History and Philosophy of Science and Technology 

One course can be the HPS1500H Research paper.

MA (Part-Time) Degree

The requirements for the MA Part-Time degree are identical to those for the full-time degree, however students have 6 years to complete all degree requirements.

Students are permitted to take a maximum of 2 full courses (or 4 half-courses) per year. (Note: IHPST rarely offer evening classes. Summer courses are not normally offered, other than one-on-one Individual Reading and Research courses.

Students may take elective courses in other departments during summer terms, subject to the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies.