Statement of Shared Values

The Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (IHPST) dedicates itself to being a place where all of its members are valued and have the opportunity to flourish. Our entire community — faculty, students, staff, and visitors — are committed to supporting a broad range of scholarly perspectives and knowledge practices, while upholding the highest standards of respect and civility. Harassment, intimidation, and discrimination have no place at the Institute and are not tolerated.

We deeply value diversity and equity in our field. As scholars working and living in one of the world's most diverse cities, we recognize historical and present-day injustices based on race, national or ethnic origin, disability, sex and gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, and economic background. We are committed to confronting and redressing these injustices, and to making our discipline a place that welcomes members of underrepresented groups.

The IHPST expects all its members and visitors to be respectful and constructive at Institute events, whether in-person or online. Public occasions, such as colloquia and keynotes, are moderated to promote inclusive commentary and discussion. All faculty members leading seminars, talks, workshops, and reading groups should follow best practices for moderating these events and be familiar with the University’s Civility Guideline.