HAPSAT Graduate Students Society

History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (HAPSAT) Society

The HAPSAT Society consists of all full- and part-time graduate students at the IHPST, and operates as their representative, organizational and social body. Meetings are held approximately monthly, and all HAPSAT members are welcome to attend.

  • HAPSAT members make various important contributions to graduate student life. Some of these are:
  • The representation of and advocacy for graduate student interests at the IHPST
  • Representation of the IHPST graduate community at the University of Toronto Graduate Students Union and CUPE 3902 Unit 1
  • The organization of the yearly graduate student conference
  • A lunchtime talk series focused on ongoing work, the ‘Colloquialisms’
  • The mentorship of incoming students
  • Collaborations with other graduate student societies
  • Organization of graduate student social events

Each September, an executive is elected to perform these and other important functions.

2023-24 HAPSAT Executive

  • Co-Presidents: Emma Sigsworth and Nayani Jensen
  • Co-Treasurers:  Emma Sigsworth and Nayani Jensen
  • GSU Representative: Alex Rose
  • Union Steward: Camille Delagrave-Ajduk
  • Secretary: Alexandra Calzavara
  • Graduate Conference Organizers: Rachel Katz and Matthew McLaughlin
  • Editors, Spontaneous Generations journal: Matthew McLaughlin, Myriam Iuorio, Silvia Castillo Vergara
  • Graduate Colloquium Organizers: Ata Heshmati and Joel West
  • HPSUS Liaison: Awa Diagne
  • Social Coordinator: Silvia Castillo Vergara

HAPSAT also elects the Executive Editor(s) of the IHPST’s graduate student-edited journal, Spontaneous Generations. Click to read the latest and past issues (open access).