Tuition and Funding

Funding and Fellowships

IHPST is committed to providing a minimum level of financial support for all students admitted to the MA program for a period of one year, providing that they remain in good standing. Funding during the MA year will also be provided for entering students who are designated as doctoral stream (to be determined by the faculty). For a  MA student the level of support for the one year is normally equal to $18,500 plus tuition and incidental fees. This amount is made up of external and internal fellowships, teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Please note that if a work assignment is turned down by the student, the monetary worth of the assignment is deducted from the package. Likewise, if after originally accepting an assignment, the student later turns it down for some reason, the amount will be deducted from U of T funding package payments. However, any on-campus employment that the student finds after receiving the definition of his/her funding components will not be taken off the total; it will be in addition to the package. For further information, refer to the Arts & Science website:

The fees schedule consists of two categories depending on the status of the student in Canada: (1) Canadian citizens and permanent residents, and (2) visa students. Please refer to the School for Graduate Studies website for the most up-to date fee schedule and funding information:

Please note that a tuition bursary from SGS is available for Master’s students who find themselves requiring extra time beyond the two years to finish off program requirements. Doctoral students are charged a pro-rated monthly tuition fee if completion of their program in their final year overlaps into the next academic year. The School of Graduate Studies lists the details in the final year fees on their web site at:

Financial Assistance

Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarships

Financial assistance is available in the form of University, government and foundation fellowships. Scholarship and Award information is available on the SGS webs site at: