Professor Lucia Dacome Receives Prestigious Percy G. Adams Prize

May 1, 2024 by Dr. Pamela Fuentes Peralta

We are thrilled to announce that Professor Lucia Dacome's article “Intimate Connections: Marie Marguerite Biheron and Her 'Little Boudoir,'” published in the Bulletin of the History of Medicine in 2021, has been honoured with the Percy G. Adams Prize. This prize is awarded biennially by the Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (SEASECS) to recognize the best article on an eighteenth-century subject published in a scholarly journal, annual, or collection.

Professor Dacome's article explores the life and contributions of Marie Marguerite Biheron, an 18th-century Parisian anatomical modeler. This research underscores the significance of Biheron’s achievements in the anatomical world, particularly noting her celebrated anatomical cabinet which served as a major contribution to the field. It also brings to the forefront the essential role of social networks and affective relationships in supporting and advancing Biheron's career. One of Professor Dacome’s main arguments is “that a focus on social and affective relations, such as friendship, can enhance our understanding of the careers of female medical practitioners and medical artists like Biheron.”  Lastly, the article contributes to the broader historical understanding of early modern medicine and natural inquiry by exploring the “economies of care” that underpinned the scientific community.

Wax models of the head and neck (figs 1-3), and of the right hemisphere of the brain (figs 4-5)
Wax models of the head and neck (figs 1-3), and of the right hemisphere of the brain (figs 4-5) made by G. G. Zumbo. Engraving by J. Robert after Madeleine Françoise Basseporte, 1749. Wellcome Collection

Please join us in congratulating Professor Lucia Dacome on this remarkable achievement and in celebrating the continued impact of her scholarship on the academic community and beyond.