Professor Karina Vold Interviews about Sentience

August 8, 2022 by Adriana Leviston

August 08, 2022

A Google engineer recently claimed that the company’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA, for short), an application of artificial intelligence, has become sentient. This claim led many in the public and popular media to wonder about how to assess such claims and what is really meant by ‘sentience’.

Major news outlets, including CBC News, WNPR (Connecticut Public Radio station), and WNYC (New York Public Radio) reached out to Prof. Karina Vold, one of the IHPST’s Faculty members, to hear her insights and takes on these topics. In these interviews, Prof. Vold discusses the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI), the philosophical meaning and significance of sentience and consciousness, and the broader impact of how AI applications on our lives.

You can read the full CBC News article here: : 

You can listen to the full episode of WNPR’s Radio program ‘Where We Live’ here:

You can listen to the full episode of WNYC’s Radio program, ‘The Takeaway’ here: