Professor Karina Vold featured in the University of Toronto Magazine

May 8, 2024 by Dr. Pamela Fuentes Peralta

The latest issue of the University of Toronto Magazine presents seven articles on artificial intelligence (AI). These pieces explore AI's impact on various aspects of life, such as inequality, global health, music, and healthcare. The AI Everywhere issue begins with a thought-provoking sentence "Before we know it, artificial intelligence will be around us. Are we ready?"  As part of the articles that address this question, the magazine features a conversation between Professor Karina Vold and journalist Dan Falk titled "AI Learns Everything It Knows from Humans. Will Humans also Learn from AI?"

You can read or listen to this insightful conversation in which Vold discusses the interaction between humans and AI, challenging the idea that one must understand AI to learn from it. She suggests that there are times when transparency into AI's workings is necessary for trust and understanding. This raises questions about when it's acceptable to rely on AI without full comprehension and when it's not. The article prompts readers to consider the balance between embracing AI's unknown capabilities and the desire for control and understanding.