Professor Elise Burton and Professor Karina Vold Win Major Awards

May 15, 2023 by Edward Jones-Imhotep

Professor Elise Burton and Professor Karina Vold have each won major awards recognizing their outstanding research.

Professor Burton has been awarded the prestigious Dan David Prize. The prize is awarded to emerging scholars, whose work illuminates the past in bold and creative ways. It not only recognizes their existing achievements, but aims to support their future endeavors. Previous laureates in the field of the history and philosophy of science include Mirjam Brusius, Katharine Park, Keith Wailoo, Evelyn Fox Keller, Lorraine Daston, and Simon Schaffer. Professor Burton talks about receiving the news, as well as the research that led to the award, in this recent article released by the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Professor Vold has been awarded the exceptionally competitive AI2050 Early Career Fellowship from Schmidt Futures. She is one of only fifteen scholars to receive the fellowship, dedicated to addressing difficult and pressing problems in AI through interdisciplinary research. Professor Vold's project will draw on fields including philosophy, psychology, history, education and machine learning research to explore questions around explainable and interpretable AI. The official announcement is available here. The Faculty of Arts and Science has also featured her award and research in a recent article.

The IHPST extends its warmest congratulations to our colleagues for their outstanding research, and looks forward to many more celebrations of their work and accomplishments!