Professor Chen-Pang Yeang talks about his new book in a podcast

January 30, 2024 by Dr. Pamela Fuentes Peralta

Today Oxford University Press published Transforming Noise: A History of Its Science and Technology from Disturbing Sounds to Informational Errors, 1900-1955, for the North American market. We are celebrating the latest book of Professor Chen-Pang Yeang with a podcast interview hosted by IHPST Communications Officer Pamela Fuentes-Peralta. The episode is now available on the New Books Network, one of the most important author-interview podcast projects in the English language.

Transforming Noise provides an insightful analysis of the historical roots of contemporary attempts to understand, control, and use noise. The book explores the interplay between mechanical technology, mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, and data sciences. It also elucidates the emergence of noise as an informational concept during the twentieth century. Some of the chapters in the book include "Materializing cacophony: surface noise on phonographic records," "Electronic noise in telecommunications," and "Filtering noise for antiaircraft gunfire control."

Enjoy the book, the interview, and this two-minute preview in which Professor Chen-Pang Yeang talks about changes in sound reproduction technology at the turn of the 20th century: