PhD Candidates Emy Kim and Bree Lohman Win Prestigious Fellowships

September 27, 2023 by Dr. Pamela Fuentes Peralta

We are proud to share that IHPST doctoral candidates Emy Kim and Bree Lohman are part of the 2023-2024 cohort of Linda Hall Research Fellows. Linda Hall Library fellowships offer financial assistance to scholars who exhibit exceptional potential, enabling them to delve into the Library's collections. Emy’s dissertation explores the culture and craft of oxyacetylene and electric welding in the early twentieth century. The holdings of the Linda Hall Library, located in Kansas City, Missouri, will aid in understanding the culture of early welding. Manuals and trade periodicals provide key descriptions of the practice of welding as it stood at the time, reveal early conceptions about the technology of oxyacetylene and electric welding, and include the voices of welders and engineers who were concerned about the professionalization and advancement of a new craft.

For her part, Bree Lohman researched in the Linda Hall’s sources the emergence of real time computation as a highly adaptable method of managing logistical complexity in high-information systems. Her research argues that real time was not simply a technical configuration of computational resources, but also an ideological orientation toward control and automation. We are also excited to share that Bree is also a Chancellor Jackman Graduate Fellow for this academic year. At the JHI she will trace the remediation efforts of DEW Line radar sites in the Arctic Circle, examining the ecological and economic ramifications of this now-defunct infrastructure of national security. According to the JHI those who are part of the circle of fellows “are chosen for the excellence of their research and for its relevance to the Annual Theme”. The current theme is Absence.

Congratulations to Emy and Bree on their impressive achievements and research contributions!