Jessica Hall appointed Schwartz Reisman Institute Graduate Fellow

September 21, 2021 by Adriana Leviston

Jessica Hall, one of the IHPST’s PhD candidates, has been appointed as a Graduate Fellow at the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society (SRI). Designed to recruit and support “the best and brightest U of T graduate student researchers working on topics at the intersection of technology and society”, this fellowship is funded by U of T’s SRI and is part of the SRI’s commitment to fostering interdisciplinary connections and to be a global leader in ensuring that advanced technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), benefit all of humanity.


In 2021/22, Hall will join 14 other graduate fellow researchers from across the University of Toronto, working in health, engineering, computer science, and the social science and humanities. Hall’s research at IHPST is in the areas of philosophy of science, philosophy of technology, and philosophy of mind, with a focus on AI, the computational theory of mind, and the foundations of computing. As an SRI graduate fellow, she will explore foundational issues around, for example, what it means for something to be ‘computational’, or what counts as ‘artificial intelligence’. Her work will contribute to an understanding of the scope and meaning of computational technologies, such as AI, as well as their social and ethical impacts.

Congratulations, Jessie!!

You can read more about Jessie’s project and the other SRI graduate fellows on their website here: