IHPST Postdoctoral Fellow Jamie Shaw publishes a new book, Interpreting Feyerabend

October 5, 2021 by Adriana Leviston

IHPST Postdoctoral Fellow Jamie Shaw has published a new book: Interpreting Feyerabend with Cambridge University Press. 

This collection of new essays, edited in collaboration with Karim Bschir, interprets and critically evaluates the philosophy of Paul Feyerabend. It offers innovative historical scholarship on Feyerabend's take on topics such as realism, empiricism, mimesis, voluntarism, pluralism, materialism, and the mind-body problem, as well as certain debates in the philosophy of physics. It also considers the ways in which Feyerabend's thought can contribute to contemporary debates in science and public policy, including questions about the nature of scientific methodology, the role of science in society, citizen science, scientism, and the role of expertise in public policy. 

The volume will provide readers with a comprehensive overview of the topics which Feyerabend engaged with throughout his career, showing both the breadth and the depth of his thought.