HPS4020H: Postcolonial Science and Technology Studies, Adrien Zakar Assistant Professor

May 10, 2022 by Adriana Leviston

FALL 2022 

HPS4020H:  Postcolonial Science and Technology Studies (STS)  
Adrien Zakar 

Tuesdays 2 - 4

Course Description:  This seminar introduces graduate students to the role of postcolonial theory in generating a “global turn” in histories of science and the multidisciplinary field of science & technology studies (STS). Weekly discussions on: knowledge, violence, necropolitics, science & imagination, black reason, braided science, postcolony, western science, global circulation, praxis, crisis, universalisms, race, technonationalism, provincialization, temporality, scales, atomic junctions, expertise, perspectivism, ontology, indigenous feminism, performativity, cosmology, decolonization.  

Poster:  PDF iconPoster HPS4020 .pdf