Daniel Halverson, Denisa Popa, and Andrew Jones publish Spontaneous Generations, v.10: The Revolt Against Expertise.

April 7, 2022 by Adriana Leviston

From climate change denial to vaccine hesitancy, creationism and fake news, attacks on expert authority are becoming increasingly strident - and effective. How did this happen, and what can be done about it? In the newest issue of Spontaneous Generations, IHPST's graduate student run journal, Daniel Halverson (editor), Andrew Jones, and Denisa Popa (associate editors) bring together historians, sociologists, philosophers, even a folklorist, to explore tensions inherent in the practice of expertise in a democratic society. 

    Vincent Auffrey, University of Toronto
    Elodie Charrière, University of Geneva
    Erika Dyck, University of Saskatchewan
    Gil Eyal, Columbia University
    Axel Gelfert, Technical University, Berlin
    Mott T. Greene, University of Puget Sound
    Cliff Hooker, University of Newcastle, Australia
    Claire Hooker, University of Sydney
    Giles Hooker, Cornell University
    Stephen John, Cambridge University
    Bethany Johnson, University of South Carolina
    Lisette Lorenz, Cornell University
    Brittany Myburgh, Jackson State University
    Robert Naylor, University of Manchester
    Jeff Pooley, Muhlenberg College
    Christian Ross, Tufts University
    Rashad Rehman, University of Toronto
    Sergio Sismondo, Queen's University, Canada
    Gregory Schrempp, Indiana University, Bloomington
    Christopher Stephens, University of British Columbia
    Joseph van Weelden, Ahmedabad University

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