A Clear Signal: Battling Radio Noise. An Exhibit Exploring Wireless Communication Breakthroughs

March 12, 2024 by Dr. Pamela Fuentes Peralta

Curated by Professor Chen-Pang Yeang and UTSIC Assistant Curator Victoria Fisher, A Clear Signal: Battling Radio Noise is a mini-exhibit that represents a collaborative effort between the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) History Center and the University of Toronto Scientific Instruments Collection (UTSIC). The exhibit showcases key milestones in wireless communications history, ranging from early commercial wireless transmitters to educating students on cutting-edge radio tubes, and the breakthrough in combating noise with the invention of frequency-modulated (FM) transmissions. Some of the artifacts displayed are part of the UTSIC collection, while others are on loan from the IEEE. Special thanks are extended to Daniel Mitchell, Senior Historian of the IEEE History Centre, for his invaluable expertise and assistance. Find the exhibit in the third-floor hallway of Victoria College until July.

Display case with various historical artifacts
Display case of the exhibit A Clear Signal: Battling Radio Noise on the Third Floor of Victoria College
Photo credit: Victoria Fisher