Welcome to the IHPST

We are a community of scholars who use the methods of the humanities to understand science, technology, and medicine in their local and global contexts. Our Institute offers exciting undergraduate and graduate programs, hosts lively public talks and events, and offers postdoctoral opportunities for the next generation of scholars in the field.

The IHPST is the expression of long-standing interests at the University of Toronto in the humanistic study of science and technology. Over its half-century, the Institute's faculty have played transformative roles in shaping the field. Today’s IHPST is more committed than ever to carrying out leading-edge historical and philosophical research and teaching that shapes our understanding of science, technology, and medicine. It adds to that interdisciplinary mission an ongoing commitment to engage deeply with contemporary political and social issues, including in the areas of technology and ethics, science and race, and medicine and social justice.

With world-class faculty, exciting research opportunities, and a diverse group of talented students, IHPST brings together the arts, sciences, technology, and medicine to provide liberal arts for the twenty-first century.