Olivia (Autumn) Rennie



Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

cinema, knowledge translation in medicine, ethics of filmmaking with vulnerable populations, philosophy of body horror in film


Olivia (Autumn) Rennie is an independent filmmaker and 3rd year MD/PhD student at the University of Toronto. Completing her PhD with IHPST, Autumn is particularly interested in philosophies of science and medicine, and how these fields intertwine with cinematic technologies. As a filmmaker, academic researcher, and physician-in-training, Autumn works to leverage the power of screen-based media to raise awareness about critical issues in medicine and society. Her PhD is a ‘research-creation’ project, producing films that challenge ideas surrounding disability, and develop a truly ‘collaborative’ filmmaking approach which enables patients to become key players in the filmmaking process themselves. With an educational background originally in neuroscience, she is particularly interested in exploring the lived experience of individuals with neurological and/or psychological diseases, disorders, or injuries.