Graduate Workshops in fall 2022-23

VC 303
Victoria College
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Graduate Workshops in fall 2022-23

The HAPSAT’s Graduate Workshops has come back in-person this year. As for the first event of this presentation series, the PhD candidate, Adrian K. Yee, presented his soon-to-be-published research project entitled "On Central Bank Digital Currencies: The HPS of Blockchain and Monetary Autonomy". This talk was held on Wednesday, September 21, at 2:00-3:15 PM at VC303. 

Here is an abstract of Adrian’s talk:
"On Central Bank Digital Currencies: The HPS of Blockchain and Monetary Autonomy"
Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are increasingly adopted in countries such as Nigeria, China, and the Bahamas, with over 80 other central banks considering implementation. However, the political philosophy of this nascent technology remains under studied and their usage risks undermining the monetary autonomy of citizens. In this talk, Adrian will give a brief history of blockchain technology, followed by a comparison of the Bank of Canada and US Federal Reserve's CBDC proposals with respect to prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. He will then discuss potential threats to monetary autonomy that their proposals raise, arguing that CBDCs ought to be accepted by the public only if their net benefits exceed both that of extant cryptocurrencies and standard fiat, rather than merely exceeding fiat's net benefits as is often claimed.

To learn more about the presenter, follow this http://link to Adrian’s bio

The next presentation for this term’s series of the Graduate Workshop will be held by Auguste Nahas who will be presenting his project entitled “What Role Did Teleology Play in the Formation of Cybernetics?” on October 26, 12 PM at VC303. 

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