Jacqueline Sullivan-Western University-Headshot
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HAPSAT Graduate Workshops-Gary Graham headshot
HAPSAT Graduate Workshops-Joel West headshot
HAPSAT Graduate Workshops-Emma Sigsworth on a major street
Diagram taken from Biological organisation as closure of constraints Maël Montévil, Matteo Mossio (2015)
Soren Brothers Allan and Helaine Shiff Curator of Climate Science picture - Meet the Scientist
HAPSAT Graduate Workshops-Jessie Hall holding a black dog
Left: picture of Jessica Ratcliff Cornell University Poster reads IHPST Colloquium 2-4 p.m. Monopolizing Knowledge: The East India Company and Britain's Second Scientific Revolution
Poster reads HAPSAT Society- HAPSAT Graduate Workshops, Bree Lohman Stained Soils: Nuclear Security, Environmental Risk & the Partial Containment of Hazards in the Canadian Arctic. Picture of Lohman on the right