Adrian K. Yee

PhD Candidate


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

History & Philosophy of Economics, Philosophy of Science, Political Philosophy


Adrian K. Yee (PhD candidate) researches the intersection of philosophy of science, politics, and economics (PPE). His dissertation advances a novel theory of misinformation by drawing upon insights from game-theory, machine learning, epidemiology, and political philosophy. He shows how it is possible, and highly fruitful, to model and explain the ontology and dynamics of misinformation by using signaling theory: as disruptions in the equilibria states of informational discourse relative to a set of background social goals held by relevant stakeholders in that epistemic ecosystem. He also actively research topics in general philosophy of science, attention economics, development economics, finance studies (esp. cryptocurrencies), and military intelligence analysis. Outside of academia, he remains an active jazz musician playing several instruments for various groups around the city of Toronto. 

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•    Yee, Adrian K. (2023) Information Deprivation and Democratic Engagement Philosophy of Science. 90(5).

•    Yee, Adrian K. (2021) Econophysics: making sense of a chimera European Journal for the Philosophy of Science. 11(100): 1-34.